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VG/PG: 60/40
SIZE: 60mL
Blueberry Banana: An aromatic bakery vape combining elements of sweet bananas mashed with blueberries bursting with flavor baked into a sweet oven-fresh muffin for a decadent bakery vape.
Blood Orange Mango: A refreshing blend of smooth mangos, ripe blood oranges, tangy lemons, and tart limes. All these flavors get blended into a delicious fruity slushy that will have your taste buds delighted from the very first puff! (Comes in an ICED version!)
Iced Grape Berries: sweet fusion of table grapes crossed with a handful of mixed berries, enhanced with the soothing chill of menthol. 
Iced Mango Berries: Enjoy a wintery mix of icy mangoes, chilled in an arctic blast, along with frozen mixed berries that are covered in a blanket of snow.
Iced Melon Berries: A delicious frozen blend of honeydew melon, juicy watermelon, fresh cantaloupe, and winter strawberries. This delicious fruit fusion comes with a chilled menthol sensation for an invigorating vaping experience!
Iced Passion Fruit Orange Guava: A trio of island fruits, blending together tangy passion fruit, citrusy oranges, and luscious guavas topped with a light menthol edge to refresh the senses.
Lemon Meringue Pie: Zesty notes of sour lemon curd sitting on a buttery flaky crust, topped with a dollop of sweet whipped meringue.
Maple Butter: A stack of maple-covered fluffy pancakes that will cure any craving to hit up your local breakfast joint. Enjoy a bottle of fluffy pancakes covered in an
oversize tablespoon of butter and doused with freshly tapped Vermont maple syrup!
Peach Tea: A cold refreshing glass of your favorite peach flavored sweet tea and get ready for summer with this satisfying vape flavor.
Pink Lemonade: Sweet and juicy, a tall glass of bright pink lemonade creates an invigorating vape experience that gushes with refreshing flavor all the way through to the exhale.
Watermelon Cream: Known as “The Abyss”. A deliciously juicy watermelon salt water taffy e-liquid. Dive deep into the refreshing boardwalk flavor of sweet, stretchy taffy and ripe watermelon with this flavorful vape juice!