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DR. HEMP Hemp Palm CBD Pre-Rolls

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Dr. Hemp’s 100% organic, pesticide-free hemp is always harvested from the highest-quality sources. Our hemp is lab-tested, is infused with CBD and CBG, and is free from additives. We use full-spectrum hemp for full benefits, so you can expect your hemp to contain all the naturally therapeutic compounds.

This hemp flower with a berry finish gives your CBD/CBG smoking experience a natural, buoyant feel. Using our organic flower and a terpene-infused filter, taste the full benefits of hemp with the soothing berry finish. Enjoy


Only Dr. Hemp’s distinctive and one-of-a-kind Banana Cream flavored CBD/CBG pre-rolls offer that fresh banana flavor without the weird artificial aftertaste that plagues so many banana flavored products. Dr. Hemps CBD/CBG pre-rolls come with a bold crush-activated flavor tip that you can squeeze immediately to experience your herb unaltered right away.


Dr. Hemp’s bold and tart Pine Drip flavor packs a juicy pineapple punch with every puff. Indulge in a CBD/CBG pre-roll that focuses on flavor with innovative crush-activated tips that deliver the pineapple notes you crave.


Enjoy the taste of summer with clean and delicious Watermelon Wave CBD pre-rolls with CBG.Watermelon Waves are easy to pack and offer smooth hits without the harsh burn.