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SAWA ALL Hookah Shisha

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**There will be a $7 Delivery Fee applied to all delivery orders that ONLY contain cigarettes/tobacco products.**

****Free Delivery DOES NOT apply to cigarettes and tobacco products.****

At Sawa All, we carefully blend our all-natural hookah molasses to take you on wonderfully flavorful journeys. It’s our mission to do what we love best—sharing happiness, one puff at a time. We source from only natural dried fruits and materials, ensuring a delicious and premium quality experience. Our concern goes beyond our main ingredients. Our ingredients we use in our blends are from natural dried fruits, that is nicotine and tobacco free. You can smoke easy knowing that every component is free of tobacco.


Sawa CBD Shisha is a tobacco free, nicotine free full spectrum CBD infused shisha containing 250mg of CBD per volume. Enjoy a relaxing hookah session while also gaining the benefits of CBD.  Sawa CBD shisha comes in array of flavors ranging from mints to berries.

*Full Spectrum CBD WILL have less than 0.3% THC per serving.*

**MAY trigger a positive on a drug test when consuming large amounts in a short period of time.**