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SUTRA Auto 510 Cartridge Vaporizer

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Key Features

Get to Know the Auto

Compatible with your favorite oils this device employs auto draw ability for easy use, magnetic thread adapters for connection as well as protection, accommodates larger cartomizers for wider range of use and a high rate discharge lithium ion battery for long lasting usage.

overview of the sutra auto
controls on sutra auto

Getting Started

Using the Sutra Auto

To start things off you first have to load your cartridge. Choosing your oil of choice, remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge then fill it to your desired amount. Be sure not to overfill as it can cause leaking which you don’t want, a good rule of thumb fill the cartridge about halfway. Once done you attach the magnetic adapter to the cartridge, place the mouthpiece back on and you’re ready to go! Place the cartridge in the chamber and start vaping away, easy as that.

loading oils with sutra auto
getting started with sutra auto


What Comes with the Sutra Auto

Included with each device is a USB charging cable, two magnetic rings and the 390mAh auto battery.

included with the sutra auto