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YOCAN Evolve Plus Dab Pen

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The YOCAN EVOLVE PLUS Kit is a revolutionary mod, catapulting YoCan to success with it's integrated 1100mAh rechargeable battery, direct vcoltage based output, and is outfitted with a dual quartz rod coil atomizer for vaporizing essential oils, concentrates, and other aromatherapy solutions with great efficacy. Packaged neatly into a 120mm tall vape pen, the Evolve Plus Starter Kit features a generous 1100mAh rechargeable battery within the zinc-alloy chassis. This whopping battery size is meant to last throughout the day, remaining at the ready for use. The battery outputs in a direct voltage based fashion, offering 3 power levels to meet the preference of user, allowing for a degree of customizability. Within the large heating chamber is a dual quartz rod coil, designed to vaporize efficiently without imparting any extraneous flavors or compounds.  Furthermore, the Evolve Plus kit comes with an innovative preheating mode to gently coax the atomizer to vaporization heat levels, initiating a 15s preheating timer.  Located at the bottom of the Evolve Plus is a threaded silicone storage compartment, perfect for keeping extra concentrates and oils, making the YoCan a true All-In-One design. 


  • Quartz Dual Coil Atomizer
  • Built-In Silicone jar
  • 1100mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Heats Up Instantly
  • 15 Seconds of Continuous Heat
  • USB Charging

Whats in the Box:
  • (1) Atomizer
  • (1) Atomizer Tube
  • (1) 1100mAh Li-ion Battery
  • (1) Extra Quartz Dual Coil
  • (1) Built-In Silicone Jar
  • (1) Coil Cap
  • (1) Wax Tool
  • (1) Micro USB Charger