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AIRIS Dabble Accessories

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The Airis Dabble is an amazing dab vape capable of being enjoyed anywhere, but what makes it really stand out is how it can be connected to your favorite bong or rig!

Every Dabble comes with both a 14mm Connector and a 19mm Silicone Adapter, but for a true glass-on-glass (GOG) seal with your favorite water pipe, grab this 19mm Connector!

Comes in 14mm and 19mm!



Dabble Glass Mouthpiece is designed for Airis Dabble Vaporizer. Made of glass, it will give a smooth feeling. 1pc each pack.



These advanced coil head attachments are made with a cutting-edge Q-cell heating technology that uses fritted quartz glass to heat thick concentrated oils with amazing results.

It's unique design slowly melts your material and allows it to spread throughout the fritted surface for an even heating process that offers ultra smooth and flavorful vapor.
Each Replacement Atomizer easily threads onto your Cartridge's heating chamber and the magnetic adapter attaches to the coil's base for a secure connection.