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AL WAHA Hookah Tobacco

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CaliTwist: Combines the flavors of sweet cherries, tropical pineapple, and citrus orange to create an absolutely refreshing fruit cocktail blend!


Al-Waha Tobacco - Traditional & Modern Hookah Shisha Flavors

Al-Waha Tobacco has been creating shisha flavors with unique names, creative flavor profiles, and top-tier performance since 1972. Al-Waha is well known in the hookah community for its exotic collection of flavored tobacco and interesting flavor names. Manufactured in Jordan and sold around the world, the Elite Edition is a blonde medium cut French leaf tobacco free of any added color. Fairly juicy and very flavorful, the whole Al-Waha Shisha Tobacco line is a must try.

Creative Shisha Flavors from Al-Waha Tobacco

Creating shisha flavors strong enough to hold up throughout a hookah session without being overwhelming. The tip of the spear for Al-Waha Tobacco. A goal set long ago and still the main objective of the innovators and creators at Al-Waha today. With performance in mind, they pride themselves on being different. Bringing something new to the hookah table. Whether that be with original flavor names, ingenious packaging, or just new flavor mix ideas. Breaking the mold of traditional hookah shisha, Al-Waha Hookah Tobacco continuously provides hookah enthusiasts with all-new delicious flavors. Shisha flavors with unique names, creative flavor profiles, and top-tier performance.

If you are looking for obvious tobacco names based on flavor profiles, Al-Waha Tobacco is not the place to look. But, if you like being surprised by phenomenal shisha flavor with innovative style and imagery you are in luck. With flavor names such as Blue Lion, Sodala, Bob, Maramello, and Nevada you’ll be guessing what the accompanying hookah flavors are for days. So you might as well sit back take in a puff and just enjoy. Al-Waha shisha names don’t tend to hint at any flavor specifically, but are more for marketing and package design. Sometimes it’s enjoyable to try to guess the flavors as you smoke or with a quick smell before packing a bowl. Not to worry, Al-Waha also offers popular traditional shisha flavors like Pan Rasna Al-Waha, Cinnamon Gum, Lemon Mint, and even a Mango Lemonade.