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CAKE Premium Delta-8 (Live Resin)

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Cake has done it again with these fire tasting Live Resin Delta 8 1.5 gram disposables. Each live resin delta 8 disposable features a unique terpene flavor profile that is sure to please all users. Cake chose to use live resin with the delta 8 cannabinoids because live resin is known to give users a much more in depth flavor profile as well as freshness. The process of making live resin begins at harvest when the cultivator flash freezes the entire plant. The flash freezing process preserves freshness of the plant and also saves the entirety of the plant. While preserving the entire plant, this includes the full spectrum parts of the plant not just delta 8 thc. We are big advocates for the use of live resin as it gives the best user experience as well as yields the best results. Being that Cake stands at the forefront of the cannabinoid space, it was no surprise that they would ultimately release these live resin products. Currently the delta 8 live resin cake disposables are available in 5 unique flavors. If delta 8 thc is not your go to choice for cannabinoids, check out the Cake delta 10 live resin disposables and also the Cake HHC live resin disposables.