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Like a little fruit in your CBD Tincture? Maybe you’re a pineapple person. Maybe you’re partial to the taste of wild berries. Then again – who says you have to pick just one flavor? Introducing the new Broad Spectrum Fruit Medley CBD Tincture from Canna River, here to meet all your cannabidiol needs. This tincture contains all the flavors of summertime that you can enjoy year-round: kiwi, banana, and even a touch of coconut thrown in for good measure. This product contains broad spectrum hemp extract, food grade flavor extract, natural terpenes, organic MCT oil and sucralose. It is not intended for use by children or those who are pregnant or nursing. It has been third-party tested to ensure purity and safety. Comes in a 1000mg strength dispensed within a 60mL bottle. 


You deserve to inhale the best. We craft our Delta 8 vape cartridges with premium Farm Bill Compliant delta-8 distillate from the finest USA grown hemp. Their profiles are true-to-form experiences, with artful interpretations of strain flavors and aromas using USP grade terpenes. Additionally, our vaporizers contain no additives, for quality you can trust. 

All Canna River Delta 8 carts are 510 thread battery compatible.


  • Banana Split: This sativa dominant cartridge provides a clean, levelheaded effect. With the profile of citrus and banana, it's a fan favorite. The Canna River Delta 8 Banana Split cartridge is an artful interpretation of this strain using USP grade natural terpenes and lab tested Delta 8 distillate.
  • Blue Dream: With the full body melt of an indica and the cerebral burst of a sativa, it’s no wonder Blue Dream is a strain favorite. Tasting of sweet blueberry, the Canna River Delta 8 cartridge is an artful interpretation of this strain using USP grade terpenes and lab tested Delta 8. 
  • Sour GMO: This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Sour GMO. We redefined this strain with bold notes of guava, orange and mango using USP grade terpenes for a tropical profile you’ll love. Crafted with premium lab tested Delta 8 distillate, the Canna River Delta 8 Sour GMO Cartridge is a mellow vaporizer experience that brings the chill beach vibes to you.
  • Watermelon Zkittles: A blast of bright watermelon candy flavor crafted with USP grade terpenes makes this profile a memorable twist on a strain favorite. The Canna River Delta 8 Watermelon Zkittles cartridge is the perfect choice for ending the day and finding some chill.

**DELTA-8 THC will test positive for THC**