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DIME BAGS Protective Cases (To Be Sold In-Store Only)

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 The name says it all — this pouch is loaded with features. Made from our durable Hempster material, featuring a hidden rolling tray and built-in smell-proof Omerta pocket, the All-In-One was made with the everyday smoker in mind.


Whether you're headed back to school, going on a road trip, or just need a day-to-day pack, this hemp backpack will go above and beyond. This guy will fit up to a 17-inch laptop and has two main compartments for electronics or books. On its front face, the bag has two side-access zippered pockets. Stash your keys and wallet in one, and planner or cellphone in the other. There are two adjustable side straps, convenient if you are carrying a jacket or blanket with you, plus two micro-mesh utility pockets for a water bottle or smaller items you need easy access to. The Hempster material is not only sustainable and eco-friendly but also super reliable.  

Each Dime Bag has interchangeable labels! Rep your favorite brand (Dime Bags) or search our site for other labels you may like. Search our Urban Backpack for new colors of this same style bag! 


This is the best backpack for you city dwellers. Tons of pockets including a laptop compartment, two water bottle holders, and a front cell phone pocket.


Compact and light, this mini Hempster backpack is the perfect grab-and-go bag. Don't be fooled by its size; the Club Kid has plenty of storage. The exterior pocket is padded and perfect for holding your credit cards and ID. The large body pocket keeps the goods organized so you don't spend hours endlessly digging in your mini hemp backpack looking for lip balm. 


Let’s drop some knowledge – COMPLETE PADDED INSERT! The safety net of padding in the conversion tube will hug your piece with the perfect amount of safety and comfort.

For those wanting extra space for “actual” hiking gear or camera, accessories don’t let this pillow of padding deter you. With one quick un-zip, you can remove the entire insert leaving P L E N T Y of room for a tripod, blanket, yoga mat, a few bottles of wine.

Along with two micro-mesh elastic pouches for easy access and another external top lid zippered pocket, there’s a place for everything you need to carry and almost too many separate compartments to do so.

The Dime Bags Conversion Tube comes in 2 sizes, 18 inch or 23 inch.  The 23 inch can extend up to 25 inches with adjustable buckle strap.


Dime Bags took the classic tube bag, lined it with shed proof velour, and made it stylish and functional. These tubes are highly padded and offer great protection. They also offer 4 small pockets and 1 large pocket to store all your individual accessories. 


Introducing our newest mini backpack: the Festy Bound! Because things are just cuter when they're small. And because who wants to take a giant backpack into a club or festival? Keep all of your goods organized and safe with this cute little bag!


The Multi-Purpose Crossbody is back and better than ever! Anyone and everyone will love the new three-compartment style crossbody bag, perfect for everyday use. Coming in both small and large, in a variety of five different new color combinations, the Multi-Purpose Crossbody will be the hottest new bag of the year. Revamped to be even more stylish and eye-catching, the Hempster satchel is still lightly padded, comes with our iconic secret pocket, and removable patch label to customize it whatever way you’d like!

The bag’s longest compartment folds over and secures with magnets, giving this shoulder bag a unique, new feel and capability. Another new feature is blending a combination of both popular and new static colors with Dime Bags’ classic Hempster colors, which we think you’ll love! The Multi-Purpose Crossbody comes with a smell-proof poly Dime Baggie.


Dime Bags Padded Pouches are the best selling in the industry. Need we say more? ….. We don’t really think so, but we will. What does this pouch consist of? Hemp – Recycled Polyester – 3 pockets – mucho padding – rad colors – that’s it that’s all.


You’ve been asking for a bag with a bit less padding and more room, and we listened. Every Dime Bag fan out there is going to love getting their hands on our new padded travel case, the Pod! In three sizes and five colors per size, you’re going to want a Pod in 5 inches, 6 inches, and 7 inches. You can literally pack up anything your heart desires in these little guys and know they’ll be safe in the padded pod with a clip that can secure it anywhere.
Depending on what you need to transport, we’ve got the perfect travel case for you in your favorite Hempster or water-resistant colors.


Love our Stash Pack but need more room and a water-resistant exterior? The Puff Pack is the perfect water-resistant fanny pack that is still compact but comes with an additional exterior back pocket and our iconic secret pocket. This waist bag is perfect for the hikers and adventure lovers out there who need that extra protection with water-resistant fabric. Check out this bad boy in three new colors.   


The Slinger likes going for hikes,  hustling through the crowd to get to your next class, or even a trip to the skate park. Caught in the rain? Shit happens, but not to worry! The Slinger is made out of water-resistant material to help wick moisture off and keep all of your belongings inside safe.  Also available in our hempster material.  

We also believe in taking care of the Earth and being resourceful (duh), which is why this backpack is made out of hempster and recycled polyester. Stylish, functional, and friendly to the planet? We call that a win-win. You can thank us later. 


Whoever said size matters might have been onto something, but in this case, we’re here to prove that it doesn’t necessarily mean that bigger is always better. Thus, the Stash Pack was born! Consider this hip bag an upgrade from your standard, run-of-the-mill fanny pack. 

We took all the things we loved about our original Fanny Pack and put them in a slightly smaller size for the sake of space and convenience, because we know you may not wanna be carrying a ton of extra weight down there. We believe that sometimes the best things come in small packages!  


So it looks like you weren’t kidding. You know we had to feel you out, don’t take it personally. We get a lot of guys around here that say they’re serious about protection, but you never know until they pull out the heavy glass. The Drawstring Tube is what we use. It’s got a padded interior, adjustable elastic drawstring, and full-length zipper. You can even match it with your other gear; we’ve got red, black, and brown in stock.