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Earth Kratom is a kratom vendor that sells kratom powder and capsule products online at a fair price. The company specializes in kratom, with no other types of botanical products available on its website.

You can find various white, red, or green kratoms, as well as a few kratom blends. Earth Kratom also sells kratom extracts. The prices for its kratom are consistent across strains and relatively fair.

Earth Kratom also has a decent consumer reputation. People commend the consistency of having lab-tested kratom in stock at fair prices.

Earth Kratom solely deals in kratom products, which is what you want from your kratom vendor. When companies stretch themselves by selling as many products as possible, they can sacrifice the quality of products customers want. It is almost always better to buy from companies that specialize in the item you want. It lets companies like Earth Kratom provide a tailored experience and use insider knowledge to source the highest-quality, lowest-priced kratom.

The kratom from Earth Kratom comes in red, green, or white forms. There are also a few proprietary blends and extracts. White kratom comes from the least ripe leaves and has the most invigorating effects, while red kratom comes from the most mature leaves and has the most relaxing properties. Green vein kratom strikes a balance between white and red kratom in terms of maturity and effect.

Green Maeng Da: A very popular kratom strain used widely for its long-lasting, mood, and energy-boosting effects as well as its pain-killing properties.

Red Bali: Reddish in color (if it’s fresh it can also be light-green in color though) and thought to be the most “opioid-like” compared to all the other kratom strains. Despite being a red vein variety, red Bali is considered the mildest in this category, making it perfect for beginners. Due to its medicinal and recreational properties, red vein Bali is often preferred by kratom enthusiasts, both local and abroad.