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GAME LEAF Natural Leaf

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Those who appreciate natural tobacco leaves and delicious flavor infusions should definitely try Game Leaf cigarillos. Not only are these cigarillos made with genuine tobacco leaf wrappers, but they’re infused with distinctive flavors and stuffed with premium filler. 

Every Game Leaf cigarillo is also carefully crafted to give you a smooth smoking sensation! Indeed, these rough-looking stogies provide a silky and velvety smoke break every time.

Rugged in appearance, smooth smoking, and delicious in flavor, Game Leaf cigarillos are made by the Garcia y Vega company. Known for manufacturing excellent cigars, you can trust the Game Leaf is a high-quality brand! In each premium yet affordable Game Leaf cigar, you’ll find only the finest Cuban-seed tobacco. 

Although these bad boys look tough on the outside, when you light one up, you’ll likely be delighted by the rich smooth flavors. In every draw, you’ll detect sweet creamy tobacco notes with delicate flavor essences. So, if a tasty smooth real leaf cigarillo is what you’re on the market for, these cheroot-style stogies are worth a go.