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NUB Maduro by Oliva

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Like a scoop of chocolate ice cream

Rich, luxurious, and ultra-flavorful. You’re got to be talking about Nub Maduro. This Brazilian wrapped version of the uber-popular Nub concept has quickly become a best-seller in our portfolio, and who could be surprised? Representing one of the most innovative concepts in cigars in years, each Nub blend is developed to hit the “sweet spot” of a cigar immediately upon lighting, and though they’re short in size, each Nub blend lasts just as long as full-sized cigars thanks to expertly bunched tobaccos.

Maduro - dark, thick, and oily Brazilian wrapper. The profile is rich and toasty with a deep series of chocolate and nuts. The aftertaste is spicy with natural sweet tones. Medium in body with a toasty, full-flavored finale.


460 - Maduro Gordo (4 x 60)

Wrapper: Maduro
Origin: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium