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OMERTA Security by Dime Bags (To Be Sold In-Store Only)

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This is the OG Boss, the smell-proof padded pouch that keeps people from knowing your ish in a small, easy-to-carry bag. With plenty of padding and in discreet, sleek, classic Omerta Black, no one will know what you're packing. From 5 inches for the smallest of pieces to 10 inches for those big boys that need plenty of space to carry things, you’ll find your perfect-size smell-proof protective bag here with the Boss. 

Our active carbon-lined technology will also allow you to go anywhere and remain discreet. If you start to smell anything, just toss your pouch in the dryer on low for 10 minutes to reactivate the carbon molecules.


The Boss with Lock was added to our Omerta, Smell Proof collection by popular demand - we’ve made our original padded pouch in our 100% carbon activated technology. Packed with plenty of padded protection and smell proof carbon filtration, your gear is completely protected inside and out. 

Keeping your goodies locked tight is easier than ever with the three-digit combination that keeps your zipper shut. Of note though! You can reset your combo when you first get our bag and again in the future if you know your code. There are directions on how to do all of that on the Omerta hangtag, but there is NO reset combo if you forget the code completely. 


Want to keep your ish padded, discreet, AND lockable? Look no further than the Omerta Brigata! All water and spill-resistant. Keep any scent contained to the carbon lined Brigata, and when that interior dank smell gets too strong, flip that padded duffle inside out and toss that bad boy in the dryer on low heat for 10 minutes. Come out smelling fresher than you. 😉


There is no secret here this is the greatest bag on the market and 100% smell proof. This very large duffel bag, The Cleaner or what we like to call it “the 10-pound bag” has our revolutionary locking system, making no two bags keyed alike. Coupled with our smell proof zipper and treated smell-proof carbon lining, travel confidently and confidentially on all your adventures. Omerta means the "code of silence" so rest assured your secrets are safe here. The inner lining contains a lockable zipper if you'd like to add your own protection, while the external lining has a built-in lock that is only accessible with an individualized key.


Before the Mini Molly came into existence people had to make a tough choice. Do I want to have a smell-proof bag or do I want to look stylish? Fear not Dime Bags fam, the Mini Molly solves that issue by saying "Why not both?" This bag is easy on the eyes and even easier on the nose: perfect for festivals, concerts, day trips, and other live events.   


Omerta has done it again. Hide your stuff under your car, like a boss, or anywhere you find something metal. This case will keep things out of sight, out of mind. 100% smell-proof, lined with red velvet. We've used two of the strongest magnets we could find. Go ahead...put this Underboss to the test.