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OPMS Silver Kratom Powder

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O.P.M.S. fine screens all Kratom batches to remove any foreign objects and tests for heavy metals, feces, salmonella, and mold content. O.P.M.S. products are then sterilized for further public safety.

O.P.M.S. has developed a state-of-the-art process of pulverization to produce a very fine Kratom powder. The process increases the surface area of the Kratom powder, making it much more desirable to customers. Additionally, this also allows O.P.M.S. to compact more powder into a smaller-sized capsule. 

O.P.M.S.’ Silver “1-time Extract” is the best-crushed leaf Kratom product on the market. 

O.P.M.S. is the only company that tests every batch for Alkaloid profile content. Alkaloid profile levels are maintained by blending batches to keep product quality consistent. O.P.M.S. has developed its own Alkaloid Standards specifically designed to measure alkaloids as a standard practice. This practice is unique to O.P.M.S.

O.P.M.S. products are packaged in FDA-registered facilities and under GMP compliance.


This particular Kratom blend is known for its focus and mood-boosting qualities. That’s why most people will either take it in the morning or to combat that mid-afternoon slump. It tastes smooth and goes perfectly with smoothies or even tea and coffee.


The White Vein Indo functions as a stimulant; workers like builders use this strain of Kratom to boost their energy levels so as to have improved productivity throughout the day. This Kratom strain is the best energizer that can help you overcome herculean tasks. It can also be used to boost cognitive levels and interaction skills.

It also improves optimism levels which will aid productivity in any task. Moreover, it boosts energy levels without any nervous side effects. The effects of the White Indo Kratom are very astonishing.