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Premium Herbal Grinders (Specialty)

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Our signature Tsunami Dugout with an integrated grinder, one hitter, storage and ashtray. Made from sturdy light weight anodized aluminum, the Tsunami Dugout makes for an amazing travel device. Tsunami Dugout makes you always prepared and ready to take a smooth hit with no hustle. The strong magnetic lid seals the storage container and prevents odor leakage.

  • Durable Aluminum Construction
  • 4-in-1 (grinder, storage, ashtray, one hitter)
  • Strong Magnetic Lid
  • Perfect size for traveling
  • Mini Grinder
  • One hitter with serrated tip
  • Easy to Clean


Meet the Wakit Grinder, the rechargeable electric herb grinder with patented ball & chain technology that grinds your herb to a coarse consistency with 1 to 2 quick short taps to the top-down pressure cap.

This Wakit Grinders is the best electric grinder accessory that every seasoned connoisseur must have! With this grinder, you can operate your mobile phone and grind in seconds. Let the Wakit Grinders’ patented ball and chain grinder technology do all the work! With one to two quick short taps, you’ll have ground herb in seconds with very little effort. This grinder features a lithium-ion battery that is easily recharged with the included micro USB cable. Be one of the first in your crew to have a Wakit.

The Wakit Grinder is the perfect grinder for those living with dexterity disorders, or other conditions affecting hand coordination.  Using the Wakit Grinder is not only a time-saver, but it’s also pretty fun to use!

We urge you to try this revolutionary new product and share it with your friends. It’ll be hard to only use one to two quick short taps, but we encourage you to use restraint.* The Wakit grinder is so powerful that you could grind your herb too fine if you don’t use quick short taps.