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PRIMAL Herbal Wraps

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Primal Herbal Wraps are non-tobacco and nicotine-free, hand-crafted, artisan wraps created through a proprietary process. Made with the finest, natural herbs herbs and other premium ingredients, our Primal Herbal Wraps are specially designed to use with Primal Herbal Smoking Blend.

With a resealable pouch, you can smoke one now and save the second for later.


OK… so here’s the key to rolling with these. Don’t get them too wet at first with all your spit. Just like any wrap if you slop it all up it’s going to tear when you apply a little pressure. So not too moist is the key. Once you got it twisted then moisten it up a little bit and then let it dry. The herbal wrapper hardens up pretty nicely like a little shell around your dry herb and BANG.. perfect herbal wrap.