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Smoke Depot & Vape Lounge

THE ONE E-Liquids

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SIZE: 100mL


Blueberry: A warm and freshly glazed blueberry donut in which you immediately taste on the inhale, followed by the donut topping made up of sugar coated corn flake cereal, and finished with a creamy vanilla milk exhale.

Lemon: A warm and moist crumble cake infused with zesty lemon, topped with smooth vanilla icing. Formulated as a crumble cake pastry with hints of lemon followed by a delicate yet rich cream flavor mixed with sweet, tangy and savory notes that satisfy your sweet-tooth bakery craving.

Strawberry: This sweet breakfast in a bottle by Beard Vape Co. has everything you need to make your day delicious - fresh-baked strawberry doughnut, crispy fruit cereal, with a splash of cold milk. You’ll make it The One for you, from morning to midnight!