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Smoke Depot & Vape Lounge


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Killer Kustard (Original): An award-winning flavor that perfectly captures a vanilla custard delight that’s simply amazing to vape for hours on end.

Killer Kustard (Blueberry): A complex balance of vanilla custard notes and ripe blueberries. Truly an enchanting taste. The search for the perfect balance of sweet and savory then don’t look any further.

Killer Kustard (Honeydew): Each inhale allows smoothly crisp honeydews to glide over the tongue, rejuvenating you like crazy. Next, hints of fresh vanilla intensifies the experience by giving you major dessert vibes. Slowly, the richness from the custard becomes more apparent, followed by seductive creaminess when exhaling.

Killer Kustard (Strawberry): Blends the signature vanilla custard flavor with ripe strawberries to create a sweet mixture that will have you reaching for more as soon as you taste it.

Milk of the Poppy: A velvety blend of strawberries and dragon fruit mixed with cream that can become highly addictive. Milk of the Poppy is a gourmet e-liquid that skillfully combines the bold sweetness of ripe strawberries, a subtle breath of dragon fruit, and our signature creaminess in every cloud that dances off the tongue.