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WHOLE HERBS Kratom Capsules

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Whole Herbs is one of the most preferred Kratom brands in the market. Our reputation speaks for itself for providing the highest quality and most effective Kratom available anywhere. Our loyal customers attest to Whole Herbs providing the best Kratom products they've tried. 100% Organic and Non-GMO Premium Kratom is the promise we make to you with all of our product lines. We perform strict laboratory testing on all of our products to ensure safety for customers. Our purity analysis looks for no presence of chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria or pesticides. Whether you shop our Kratom powder or capsules you know that Whole Herbs is proving you with the safest and most effective Kratom experience.

Whole Herbs Kratom has the exact product to match your needs. We offer a large selection of premium Kratom strains for both our capsule and powder product lines. We can find the right fit that will be most effective for you.


Most often preferred by the beginners because of its mild nature, Green Borneo is a true green providing that refreshing start to your mornings and afternoons!


Whole herbs Kratom only uses the highest quality Indo Kratom powder from Indonesia in their products. Green Indo is a milder, softer strain; said to be more uplifting!


This particular Kratom blend is known for its focus and mood-boosting qualities. That’s why most people will either take it in the morning or to combat that mid-afternoon slump. It tastes smooth and goes perfectly with smoothies or even tea and coffee.


This strain is perfect for those who are looking for an energy boost and pain relief at the same time. You get the energy that isn’t too intense and relaxation that isn’t sedating.


Apart from its ability to induce euphoria within people, this substance is also effective in many other ways.

Some of these popular effects include: Improved Sleep, Pain Relief, Anxiety Relief, Relaxation, Boosted Mood, Opioid Addiction Treatment.


This unique blend has been shown to induce feelings of calm, relaxation and focus. Some people even take it to stay motivated at work or just to power through a really difficult period in life.


Users report that yellow kratom provides moderate energy – neither very sedating nor very energizing. It’s variously described as between red and green or between green and red in that respect – but generally closer to green in effect.