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Wild Hemp brings you the OG CBD cigarette. 4 amazing flavors to choose from: Original, Sweet, Pineapple Blaze or Menthol - there's one for everyone. Our Hempettes have a taste that can't be beat. Created using only the finest smokable hemp that is 100% grown in the US. For more information on our CBD cigarettes click here.


The Luna Vape Pen uses 500mg of CBD per Vaporizer. Each Vaporizer is filled with quality CBD Hemp extract. All of our hemp is 100% American grown. The Luna Pen comes in five unique flavors including Rainbow Drops and Pineapple Express and each one packs a huge flavorful punch.

We are thrilled to release this CBD Vape Pen alongside Vaping stalwarts Smok. The Vaping community is going for strength to strength and we are delighted to finally become a member. Now we are not just known as the CBD cigarettes guys but also as the leading member of the CBD vape pen industry and community.
So, what are you waiting for? Try the Luna CBD Vape Pen today and let us know what you think!